Ticket FAQ

Will I be required to show my QR code ticket(s) to enter the event? 

Yes. All guests will be required to show their tickets or QR codes at check-in. Please save your tickets to your phone, add to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay, or print a physical copy. 

How do I transfer my ticket(s) to another person?

  1. Go to your order status page linked in your order confirmation.
  2. Under Ticket Details click the links to the tickets. 
  3. Fill in the form with your first name, last name, and email.
  4. Click the ‘Transfer Ticket’ button. 
  5. The ticket will be canceled and a new ticket with QR code will be sent to your recipient’s email. 
  6. If the recipient does not receive the new ticket in their inbox, please ask them to check their junk or spam folders. This email will be coming from
  7. If you experience any issues, please contact Leah Bantug at leah@willowpark.net  

Please note, tickets must be transferred individually. 

When should I receive confirmation for my ticket(s)?

You should receive a ticket confirmation email right away. If the email does not appear in your main inbox, check your junk or spam folder. If you experience any issues, please contact Leah Bantug at leah@willowpark.net    

How do I add my ticket(s) to Apple Wallet Pass?

  1. Open the ticket link on the order status page in the email confirmation under Ticket Details 
  2. Under the QR code click the "Download to Apple Wallet Pass"
  3. Open your Apple Wallet Pass app to view your tickets. 

Please note, older iPhones may not be compatible with Apple Wallet Pass. 

I want to cancel my ticket(s), how do I get a refund? 

Tickets are refundable or exchangeable up to 48 hours prior to each event but can only be issued to the original purchaser. Please contact Leah Bantug at leah@willowpark.net  with any inquiries. Note that any tickets bought under a BOGO sale will not be refundable. 

When is the deadline to transfer my ticket(s) to another person?

There is no deadline to transfer tickets, as long as it is completed before the event begins. With our QR code system, tickets can be transferred with ease instantly.